【EXCEL】How to combine bar and line graphs

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In this article, we will introduce how to combine a line graph and a bar graph (combined graph).

Combine bar and line graphs

Sample Data

  Target value Achievements
Apr 100 110
May 110 120
Jun 90 80
Jul 80 60
Aug 100 150
Sep 120 160
Oct 150 200
Nov 150 160
Dec 130 130
Jan 110 100
Feb 100 100
Mar 90 80


General Process

insert bar graph

Change from bar graph to line graph


Step.1 insert bar graph

Select the table.


①Click on the “Insert” tab⇒②Click "Insert Column or Bar Chart" in the "Charts" group.


Select Clustered Column.


A bar graph will then be inserted.


Step.2 Change from bar graph to line graph

Click on the bar graph to select it.


right click⇒Select Change Series Chart Type from the shortcut menu.


①Select "Combo"⇒②Change "Chart Type" of "Target value" to "Line".⇒③Click OK.


Then you can combine bar graphs and line graphs.


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